Philly MMA Fighter Anton Berzin to Compete on The Ultimate Fighter

Berzin poses on the steps of the Philadelphia Art Museum

Berzin poses on the steps of the Philadelphia Art Museum

The 19th season of Fox Sports reality show The Ultimate Fighter kicks off tonight with 24-year-old Philly MMA fighter Anton Berzin competing for the top prize. A little background on Berzin on

With a comprehensive training regime, Berzin taught himself how to box at a young age, then brought muay thai, kickboxing, and Brazilian jiu jitsu into the mix without hesitation. This broad spectrum of sharpened skills serves is a versatile skill set to draw from in both standing and ground striking. Quickly burning through training partners over the years, Berzin has stayed active, hooking up with new trainers and gyms to fit his constantly evolving style; a style that served him well while trying out for The Ultimate Fighter.

“I was really confident at tryouts,” Berzin says. His feelings were far from misplaced — Berzin was the only candidate who logged a submission during the grappling portion (in fact, he had three).

The Ultimate Fighter airs tonight at 10 p.m. on Fox Sports. Here’s a promo featuring Berzin (and Philly!) below: