Comedian Rob Delaney Hopes Philly’s Ready for His New Rocky-esque Physique

Los Angeles-based standup comedian Rob Delaney is bringing his signature absurd, disgusting shtick to the Trocadero on Friday, March 28th. He’s been called the funniest person on Twitter by Rolling Stone and Comedy Central. His tweets cover a range of topics from convincing us he’s not a virgin to timely political commentary to some truly nauseating quips about his neighbor Karen.

But it’s not always fun and games for Delaney. He also speaks out about his struggles with depression and alcoholism, and chimes in on controversial political issues.

“If I have a mouthpiece to use of any kind, then I’m definitely also gonna use it to talk about issues I care about, socially and politically,” he told me last week in an interview on Skype. “It sort of feels elementary. If I’m lucky enough to have people give a shit about anything I talk about, then maybe I should occasionally talk about things other than farts and big saggy boobs.”

His new book, hilariously titlted Mother. Wife. Sister. Human. Warrior. Falcon. Yardstick. Turban. Cabbage, deals with both the funny and the serious sides of Rob’s life. Many of the chapters focus on reflection, and improving yourself for the sake of those around you.

“I feel sharper and more focused,” Delaney said, comparing his upcoming show to the last time he was in Philly. “I feel like if before I was a nice piece of driftwood that you find on the beach, and I was beating you with that, now I feel more like an aluminum bat that can really effectively open skulls. I was still dangerous before, but now it might hurt less when I kill you.”

He continued his Philly spirit, comparing his #fit body to Rocky Balboa’s. “I think from the waist down, my thighs and buttocks, from all the hill running I do …  I bet I could take a Rocky punch in the thigh and it might not even ruin my day. If he punched me in the stomach or face, I’d start crying and throw up and then I’d probably die.”

Philadelphia, don’t miss this opportunity to get punched in the buttocks by Rob Delaney’s lethal humor.

Rob Delaney performs at the Trocadero on Friday, March 28th at 8 p.m. For tickets, go here