Here’s What Philadelphians Think the 28th Amendment Should Be


In conjunction with its “27 Amendments (in 27 days),” exhibit the National Constitution Center polled Philadelphians on-site and online about what they think the 28th Amendment should be. Crowd-sourcing the Constitution — in Philly — what could go wrong?!

Actually, despite a few silly answers (Free Pizza Fridays, which, come to think of it, is a great idea. Write your Congressman), Philadelphia gave a good survey of democracy at work. Answers included pushes for marriage equality, removing partisan gerrymandering, redressing Congressional salaries, promoting direct election of Senators, and adding restrictions to the 2nd Amendment. The most popular submissions, including term limits for Congress, campaign finance reform, and eliminating corporate person-hood, were put to a live-vote.

The results? Philadelphia’s “28th Amendment” is instituting term limits for Congress.

Do you agree?