Baltimore Rock Opera Society Bringing First Touring Show to Philly

The Baltimore Rock Opera Society (BROS) is bringing its first touring production, Gründlehämmer, to Philly next month, and the group just released this funny, cheesesteak-centric video to promote it.

Gründlehämmer is a re-interpretation of BROS’ first-ever production. Here’s how it’s described on the website:

Gründlehämmer takes place in the land of Brotopia: a once-prosperous kingdom where the power of music can make crops grow, heal the sick, or smite an enemy. For 30 years Brotopia flourished and prospered – but a shadow has fallen across the land, cast by a tyrannical Dark King Lothario and an immortal cave-dwelling monster of unspeakable evil: the Gründle.

Far more than just an ancient saga of a poor farm boy who struggles through love, loss and battle, Gründlehämmer is the genesis of BROS. Here you will find the origins of the sweeping narratives, intricate stagecraft, and spectacle that have become quintessential to BROS’ productions.

Philly is the third and final stop on the tour. Shows take place April 4th to April 6th at the RUBA Club. You can find ticket info here.