Eight Great Streaming Video Options for Your Snow Day Home

What are you going to do? Work from home?

Philadelphia is pretty much shut down, thanks to Janus. Schools are closed, and you’re probably home today,too. And what are you going to do? Work from home? Of course not! You’ll frolic in the snow and then you’ll go inside and get warm. Most of these aren’t for kids, so, you know, send them back outside to play.

So what are the best video streaming options for your snow day home?  Some recommendations.

BINGE-WATCHING: SERIOUS DIVISION: Gotta be House of Cards on Netflix. Turns out Orange Is The New Black is a more entertaining, and probably more acclaimed show, but the first season of this political drama starring Kevin Spacey gave us the first clear look that Netflix planned to offer quality original programming. Season two debuts on February 14. Prepare by watching all of Season One on your day off.

BINGE-WATCHING: COMEDY DIVISION: The Wrong Mans, Hulu. The basic idea — innocent men get caught up in crimes through some wacky incident of mistaken identity — has been done time and time again, but this six-episode British series provides enough laughs, and enough surprises, to be extremely entertaining. Plus: Episodes clock in at a half-hour each. You can watch the entire series before lunch!

BINGE-WATCHING: CULT FAVORITE ABOUT TO BECOME A MOVIE DIVISION: Veronica Mars, Amazon Prime. Detective noir set in high school. Entertaining, and also in need of review before the Kickstarter-funded movie opens in March.

BEST SNOW APPROPRIATE MOVIE: The Grey, Netflix. Niam Leeson crash-lands in a snowy wilderness in Alaska, fights wolves. Kinda how it felt in the grocery stores in Philly on Tuesday, amirite? Hey-oooooh!

BEST SNOW APPROPRIATE MOVIE YOU’LL ACTUALLY HAVE TO PAY TO RENT: Alive, Amazon Prime. Soccer team crashes in the snowy mountain, resorts to cannibalism.

BEST OTHERWISE UNRELATED MOVIE ON A STREAMING SERVICE YOU DON’T USUALLY THINK TO USE: Attack The Block, Crackle. Crackle is a free streaming service offered by Sony. Good news: Free. Bad news: Frequent commercials. But that makes it like TV, more or less. And this movie, about British teen miscreants battling an alien invasion, is a horrific delight.

BEST CATCHING UP WITH A PHILLY FRIEND AS HE TURNS INTO A SUPERSTAR: Kevin Hart: Let Me Explain, Netflix. With Ride Along Philly’s Hart has the No. 1 movie in America right now. He has three more movies coming out this year. This is the year of Hart. Catch him as a rising star with this concert-standup movie filmed at Madison Square Garden last year.

BEST NO-COMMITMENT WAY TO SCREW AROUND AND ENJOY YOURSELF: Watch all the videos on this story at The Week featuring gag reels from your favorite serious shows of the last 20 years. One example:

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