HEADS UP: Street’s Dept. Giving Away NoseGo-Ishknits Sculpture

Conrad Benner’s local street-art blog Streets Dept. is celebrating its three-year anniversary by giving away this wall-hanging sculpture that was created by artists NoseGo and Ishknits in 2011.

Here’s how to win:

  1. Follow @StreetsDept, @NoseGo and @Ishknits on Instagram
  2. Find an existing NoseGo mural or Ishknits installation in Philadelphia
  3. Instagram the mural or installation using the hashtag #StreetsDeptGiveaway
  4. Once you win, send the sculpture straight to me, please.
  5. Just joking (sort of.)

The contest is only running through noon on Tue., Jan. 28, at which time Benner will randomly select a winner and contact them via Instagram. Here’s a link to his blog post for more information. Good luck!