Alicia DiMichele: “I’m Not a Mob Wife”

Photo courtesy of Riyad Hasan / New York Post

Evasham Mob Wives star Alicia DiMichele is working to shed her TV  image as she awaits sentencing for playing a role in embezzling funds from Big R Trucking, a company she owned with ex-hubby Edward Garofalo Jr. The Courier-Post reports that a court filing on behalf of DiMichele states that, in fact, “the character she portrays is essentially the ‘anti-Mob Wife.'”

Her attorneys contend DiMichele, 39, “agonized” over an offer to join Mob Wives, which takes an often-glamorous look at five women with personal ties to alleged gangsters. The filing says she took the job to provide for her children and warn others about “the dangers of becoming entangled and marrying someone that is involved in a criminal enterprise. …

In the court filing, DiMichele’s attorneys ask a federal judge in Brooklyn to impose probation. They say she otherwise could face up to six months in custody.

DiMichele’s defenders also oppose a prosecution request that she be fined $96,000, calling that “inappropriate and vastly excessive.”

The Jan. 6 filing says her incarceration would “inflict pain and punishment” on Di­Mi­chele’s sons, ages 8 to 18, and would force the closing of her business, Addiction Boutique in Cherry Hill. It also notes prosecutors have agreed “not to oppose a sentence of home confinement.”

You may also remember this tearful exchange she had with her oldest son on a recent episode:

“I can’t help but think about if my kids are going to be parentless,” says DiMichele, addressing the camera directly. “Will I be behind bars for Christmas, birthdays, and who’s going to pack their lunch?

“Who’s going to be there for them? … It’s actually destroying me.”

So what’s your verdict? Are you rooting for DiMichele or should she have to pay for her mistakes like anyone else?