Philadelphia Wax Museum to Include Michael Vick?

The last time we heard about the Philadelphia Wax Museum, it was during the whole Chick-fil-A anti-gay debacle of 2012, when local lesbian blog pointed out that Philadelphia Wax Museum founder Robert Avery (a D.C. resident) was a proud supporter of Chick-fil-A’s position.

Here’s what Avery wrote back then:

I am the Founder of The Philadelphia Wax Museum. I am a Christian. The Very idea of The Philadelphia Wax Museum came from the God I serve. This non-profit has Christian Values. We do not discriminate. We believe that what the bible says about marriage is correct, that it is between a man and a woman. There is no instance of two men in the bible getting married, there is no instance of two women getting married. We support and love all people. We do not hate anyone. This is America and in this country we all have the right to Believe in what you believe in. Because this is a free country you have the right to support or not support The Philadelphia Wax Museum. God bless.

Naturally, the Phillesbians called for a boycott of the museum.

Well, Avery appears to have been undaunted by the anti-anti-gay sentiment. In an email this morning, Avery informed me that he intends to unveil the museum’s first figure this March at City Hall. Fittingly, the first figure will be of Pennsylvania founder William Penn.

Here, a commercial for the Philadelphia Wax Museum that suggests some other candidates for waxed immortality, including Pink, Bill Cosby, Rocky Balboa and Michael Vick (see 0:24). Cue the animal activists.