And So Here’s A Video Of A Philadelphia Cab Driver Defecating On the Sidewalk

Just another reason why I take the Uber. The cab enters the frame at the one-minute mark. The person who posted the video included the following description:

A Freedom Taxi Association cab driver decides to use our street as his bathroom.. Does anyone have any common sense in Philadelphia? The good stuff starts about the 1.30 mark. I called Freedom Taxi whose manger responded with “It’s not my job to clean it up, we are not sending anyone out.” I also called the Phila City 311 who could only “take a report”, as well as, emailed the PPA Facebook page and nothing. Contacted the local ABC and NBC and nothing other than call the police. Called the police and they took a report. I asked the cops if I shit on the taxi cab company’s sidewalk, what would happen. Officers told me I would be arrested.

WTF! I just want the shit cleaned up, it’s HUMAN FECAL MATTER for shit’s sake!