Radnor Hunt

Fascinators, fancy hats, winning tailgates and more!

The Radnor Hunt Races celebrated its 83rd anniversary on May 18, 2013. Six exciting races featured horses competing for purses totaling $180,000, but the real action was happening on the other side of the fence where nearly 20,000 fancy-dressed guests—many wearing stylish fascinators or headpieces—enjoyed parties, whether at a tailgate, sponsor tent or sitting on the hill overlooking the racetrack. All proceeds from the Radnor Hunt Races benefit the land and water preservation programs of the Brandywine Conservancy in Chadds Ford. Another tradition I enjoy at the Radnor Races is the Carriage Parade and Picnic Tailgate Competition.

Below: Traditionally my first stop at the Radnor Hunt is the Hyatt at The Bellevue Sponsor Tent; it doesn’t hurt that the Palm provides the food, which is delicious. Chef Mona A. James, with Beth Minkus, served cold poached salmon, prime rib, lobster sliders, and for the kids, hot dogs and mac & cheese.

Below: Wendy Saltzman, 6 ABC, and Donna O’Brien, Beautiful Blooms.

Below: Tom Refers, Diane Wood, Caryle Tighe, Laurie Gold, Judy Ellis Taylor, and Nassy Saidian.

Below: The spirits were flowing at the Bellevue tent where Christie Honigman was enjoying Sangria Flora, and Katie English was enjoying the Palm Passion Pomegranate.

Below: Karla Leon, Carter Rubin, Stephen Havrilla, Kristen Rubin, Collin Duclos, John Siegel and Callan Kilroy were excited to watch the races.

Below: Daryle Feistman, Lauren Jendrasiak, and Andrew Speizman.

Below: I just love the fashions at the Radnor Hunt: bright, colorful and fun. Lauren Anderson, Christopher Wolfington, Jackie Varrasse and Jim Graham, with his impressive 600mm Nikon lens. Graham has been photographing the Radnor Hunt for more than 25 years.

Below: Walking behind the tents, I found a lot of fun people too, like Bruce Krah, with Dylan and Ava Frantz.

Below: Mara Taff, Brian Taff, Mai Vy Alexander, TJ Alexander, and Jenn Bernstein were looking derby-hat fabulous.

Below: Ben Cross, Rosemary Connors, Alissa Ingram, and Tony Frick.

Below: Arielle Klinetsky, John Dever, Kristen Hubbert and Jeff Dinger at the Larsen MacColl tent.

Below: The Larsen MacColl partners all dressed in seersucker orange pants: Tim McColl, Mark Tyson, Chris Davis, Jason Libes, Jeff Larsen and Satya Ponnuru.

Below: Craig Snider, Cheryl Williams, Bryan Rishforth, Joanna Jatkowska and Doc Parghi.

Below: Charlie Waring, Jason and little Josephine Manfrey, with Christyn and Michael John Muscarella at the Freedom Council of Valley Forge tent.

Below: Then I headed over to the other side of the track to check out the tailgate parties, and the guests who sit on the hill overlooking the races. I found Mariah and Jim Munnis, a member of the English-Speaking Union of the United States, who reminded me the Queen’s Birthday Garden Party was coming up on June 9th in Chestnut Hill.

Below: Anne Guy, Katie Lindeen, Brennan Lindeen, Nicole DeShong, Abigal Zink, Kevin Breen and Matthew Rose.

Below: Charlie Orlando, Sarah Doheny and Chef Dan from the Goats Beard judged the tailgate party to see who did the best. For the second year in a row, the Pirates came in first with their take on Spain; they had a huge bull, and an incredible spread to celebrate the day.

Below: Second place went to this family celebrating May Day, Harriet Tyler, Henry Tyler, Logan Scherrer, Sidney Scherrer, Liesl Scherrer, Lucy Tyler, Belinda Tyler, and Shelly McMackin. And then the rains came, but it was OK as it was nearly 5 p.m. and another fantastic day was done at the Radnor Hunt. I really enjoy going to this event. If you’ve never been, go next year; it’s for a great cause.