HughE Dillon One Shot: Moise Fokou

Plus how Michael Vick celebrated his big Eagles deal

Moise Fokou celebrated his birthday with a bash last night at Whisper nightclub on Walnut Street. Even though the Eagles played the NY Jets at the Medowlands, the boys made it back in town to celebrate Moise’s big day as well as their 24-14 preseason win Thursday night. They arrived at Whisper around 2 a.m. A few peeps I spotted included Joselio Hansen, Kristen Sledge, 76er Lou Williams, Dave Patten (who had just performed at the World Cafe Live earlier in the evening), DeSean Jackson and Shady McCoy. I also talked to Kijafa Frink, Michael Vick‘s fiance, and she told me that after Vick signed his Eagles contract extension, they celebrated by taking the kids to Chickie’s & Pete’s to eat crabs and play games. Below: Moise Fokou and Reggie Berry.