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WATCH: NASA Movie of 2014’s Winter Storms

Want a visualization of just how bad this winter was for the East Coast? NASA has released this animation of satellite images showing the movement […]

City Life

Cheer Up: Winter’s Almost Over. And Next Year’s Might Not Be So Bad

The latest iteration of FiveThirtyEight, baseball and politics geek Nate Silver’s quantitative journalism site, launched yesterday. And, in an article by Matt Lanza on this […]


5 Tricks for Beating Static Cling

Forget slush and slippery ice. The worst part of winter is the static. Hair standing up on end, shocks each time you touch a stupid […]

Things to Do

14 Stunning Photos of Philly Trees Covered in Ice

This morning we posted some scary photos of trees that took a beating during this morning’s ice storm — the ones that snapped in half, […]


Winter PSA: How To Remove Salt Stains From Your Boots

Winter weather (we’re looking at you, Hercules) has a way of wreaking havoc on public transportation, sucking the moisture from our skin, and—perhaps the worst […]