“Winter Is Coming,” Gov. Tom Wolf Says on 60 Degree Day

Today is the first day of winter, not that you'd know it from going outside. It's going to be 75 on Christmas Eve!

Photo | Dan McQuade

Photo | Dan McQuade

Today is the first day of winter. Brr!

Only, no. It‘s nearly 60 degrees in Philadelphia. The rest of the state is similar: It’s almost 60 in Pittsburgh, around 50 in Harrisburg and Scranton and 55 in Erie. In Mount Wolf, Pennsylvania, it’s in the mid-50s.

Which brings us to our next news item: Today, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf — whose residence is in Mount Wolf — is reminding us to prepare for winter today.

“Whether it feels like it now or not, winter is coming,” Governor Wolf said in a release. “Pennsylvanians can use this time of warmer-than-usual weather to prepare for what will eventually come: extreme cold temperature and adverse winter weather. We can avoid bigger issues for our families by being prepared.”

Here’s what the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency recommends citizens of our commonwealth do the following three things to prep for winter storms, if they ever come:

  • Your pantry should be stocked with enough food for three days.
  • Make sure you have an emergency preparedness kit! It would include: “Rock salt to melt ice on walkways, sand to improve traction, snow shovels and other snow removal equipment, alternate sources of heat (like firewood) and light (like flashlights and other battery powered lights), and adequate clothing and blankets to keep you and your family warm.”
  • Make an emergency plan, which honestly is kind of a complicated third tip but whatever.

Some of those many not be possible for those without funds to prepare for three days of food, and may seem silly for those who live, say, around the corner from a deli. But hey, these are the official recommendations for Pennsylvania.

Of course, who knows when winter will actually come. It was in the high 30s on Saturday and people acted as if Old Man Winter had punched them in the face. It was nice out, really! But this week seems decidedly like spring: It’s going to be 75 degrees on Christmas Eve. Seventy-five degrees! Santa’s going to keep Rudolph at home this year. He won’t need him.

Presumably, it will eventually get cold, and in the meantime you may want to follow the state’s recommendations. Until then, don’t pack away your shorts just yet.

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