The Checkup: The Best Winter Foods for Weight Loss 

• Sweater season is wonderful for many reasons. To name a few: During sweater season, it’s totally socially acceptable to hibernate on your couch all day and you rarely feel guilty about indulging in an extra slice of pizza (because, baggy sweaters, duh). But you have to balance your love of pizza and Netflix somehow, so here: The 10 best winter foods to eat for weight loss. [Eat Clean]

• If you seriously struggled to tackle your to-do list yesterday, a word to the wise: Today, try tackling the most-dreaded item on your to-do list first. We have a limited amount of willpower, so you’ll be happier and more productive if you knock out whatever will use up most of it at the beginning of the day. [Science of Us]

• Here, six simple but effective ways to become a better runner this year. [Runner’s World]

• Planning on finally becoming the kind of person who eats a healthy breakfast every morning instead of shoveling a handful of sugary granola in your mouth, washing it down with coffee and calling it a day? Here, 32 fast breakfast recipes that are loaded with fiber to keep you full all morning, breakfast pizza included. [Greatist]

• The downside to Making a Murderer marathons (I mean, besides all the sobbing, obviously): According to recent research, the more TV you watch, the more you engage in unhealthy eating behaviors. But we probably all knew that already. (See above.) [NPR]

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