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The 6 Most Ridiculous Things in Free People’s Home Collection (Including a $68 Stick)

Every summer, my style veers off into bohemia, probably the last vestiges of my semi-hippie college self. It’s when I wear the two Free People items of […]


Vetri Looking to Expand to Devon and Beyond

It’s been clear since the get go that Marc Vetri, Jeff Benjamin and the rest of the Vetri Family team planned to expand their Pizzeria Vetri […]


Retail News: Urban Outfitters “Lifestyle Village” Project is Revived

Remember that Devon Yard project, URBN’s cool-kid answer to the strip mall? A brief run-down: Urban Outfitters’ parent company announced it was building a $100 million […]


Urban Outfitters’ ‘Lifestyle Village’ in Devon Could Take First Step Forward

It looks like a big-time project in the ‘burbs will soon be awakened from its slumber. Developers Waterloo Devon L.P. (an Eli Kahn company), along with […]


Urban Outfitters Is Pissing Everybody Off, and That’s Just How They Like It

Urban Outfitters has been courting controversy for years. It’s part of their schtick — they stride the line between a raised eyebrow and a raised fist with […]

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Urban Outfitters in Trouble for Selling Tapestry Resembling Holocaust Suit Worn By Gay Prisoners

Are you serious, Urban Outfitters? After being called out numerous times for selling merchandise that has offended everyone from the depressed to those victims of school shootings, […]


Urban Outfitters Offends More People With Racist Holiday Party

Just when you think, okay, they’ve finally learned their lesson, after the Kent State sweatshirt debacle, and the prescription bottle shot glass, and that ‘Depression’ tee, the corporate […]

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The Philly Outrage Meter for the Week Ending September 19, 2014

Create Infographics 98%: The attack on two gay men in Center City, which actually occurred last week.


Urban Outfitters CEO Sent This Email About the ‘Bloody’ Kent State Sweatshirt

The ever-indefatigable Gawker got its hands on an email Urban Outfitters’ CEO Dick Hayne sent to staffers after offering for sale a mock-bloody Kent State […]


Zara’s Holocaust Shirt, Urban’s Kent State Sweatshirt: Offensive Clothing Is the Retail Version of a Sex Tape

Well, they got what they wanted. We’re talking about them, just as we talked, over and over and over again, about American Apparel, which filled store […]

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(UPDATE) Urban Outfitters Apologizes for Bloody Kent State Shirts

[Update 12:12 p.m.] Urban Outfitters has apologized. The Chronicle of Higher Education reports: Urban Outfitters apologized on Monday morning for marketing a “vintage” Kent State […]

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Five Fabulous Gay Fall Fashion Finds for $70 Or Less (Guy Edition)

Okay, we admit it: our 2014 summer fashion photo shoot was a lot of fun, but when it came to the price tags of the clothes, […]

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Good News or Bad News? Tom Corbett and Urban Outfitters

Some days we don’t know if the news is good or bad. Let’s see what we can do with this announcement by the state’s economic […]


Philly Fashion Startups: Former Urban Outfitters CEO Glen Senk Wants to Give You Money

You know Glen Senk. Even if you don’t think you know Glen Senk, you know him. He’s the guy who helped launch Anthropologie—the guy responsible for turning […]

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Without Walls Fitness Brand Now Available at KOP Urban Outfitters

Huzzah! Urban Outfitters’ new fitness brand, Without Walls, has finally made an in-store appearance in our area. The brand officially got off the ground last […]