The 6 Most Ridiculous Things in Free People’s Home Collection (Including a $68 Stick)

Is Free People punking us?


These sticks are for sale. | Free People.

Every summer, my style veers off into bohemia, probably the last vestiges of my semi-hippie college self. It’s when I wear the two Free People items of clothing I own — a high-neck, sheer wisp of a dress and a lacy slip I layer with everything. But even though I can appreciate the store’s dreamy, summer-perfect clothes, I cannot forgive them their absolutely insane home collection, which seems like a huge joke they’re playing on us, laughing in their Navy Yard offices while we spend $28 on a bag of nails. Here are the six most ridiculous items in their decor lineup. 

Here is a $300 bike stand, which looks less difficult to make than the stool I crafted in seventh-grade woodshop.


And here’s a “cosmic stick.” A $68 stick.


This is a $44 cup.


And this ceramic triangle will run you $38.


This is a bag of nails. A. Bag. Of. Nails. 


And, finally, here are more sticks for $28.