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U.S. Senate

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Is Pennsylvania Really the Most All-American State in the Land?

Check phillymag.com each morning Monday through Friday for the latest edition of Philly Today. And if you have a news tip for our hardworking Philly […]

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Democratic U.S. Senate Candidate Conor Lamb Is Running Like a Republican

The Democratic primary for U.S. Senate is heating up, and it’s shaping up as a race between two progressives — namely, Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman […]

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Trump to Return to Pa. for a “Make America Great Again” Rally

President Donald Trump will return to Pennsylvania next week. On August 2nd, the president will hold a Make America Great Again rally in Wilkes-Barre, where he’ll stump […]

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Lou Barletta Announces Run Against Sen. Bob Casey

It’s official: U.S. Rep. Lou Barletta will challenge U.S. Sen. Bob Casey. The 11th District Congressman made the anticipated announcement via campaign video on Tuesday morning. Barletta, a 61-year-old Republican known […]

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John Fetterman: The Giant Underdog

Joe Magarac is a legendary figure in Western Pennsylvania folklore. First surfacing in 1930s tales told by immigrant steelworkers around Pittsburgh, Joe was born in […]

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Indicted Senator Robert Menendez: “This Is Not How My Career Is Going to End”

Embattled New Jersey Senator Robert Menendez went on the offensive last night in the wake of news that he’d been indicted on federal corruption charges […]

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Hope and Change at Last: Why a Republican Senate Will Be Good for America

This is an article that I know full well most of you don’t give two dung heaps about — the midterm elections. I know this because […]

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Dream Delaware Senate Race: Coons Vs. Castle

When did compromise become a dirty word in politics? This country was founded on compromise. The United States Constitution is the result of a vociferous […]

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Senators Pat Toomey, Bob Casey Actually Vote Same Way on a Bill

Bipartisanship is here! Well, okay, for one recent bill. Both of Pennsylvania’s senators, Republican Pat Toomey and Democrat Bob Casey, voted the same way on […]