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lew blum towing
City Life

Lew Blum, the Tow-Truck King Philly Loves to Hate, Needs a Hug

Up until September 22, 2015, it was Lew Blum’s world; we just parked in it. From behind the steel-reinforced walls of his fortified bunker in […]

City Life

Philly Tow Truck Company Fined $13K for “Towing Scam”

At a press conference in Southwest Philadelphia on Monday morning, Pennsylvania attorney general Josh Shapiro announced that the state had secured full restitution for 28 […]


I Love My Job: Lew Blum

Is Lew Blum the most hated man in Philadelphia? It’s possible. The 61-year-old owner of Lew Blum Towing is the public face of Philly tow-truck […]

City Life

Towers Want to Go Back to Taking Your Car Whenever They Feel Like It

Several towing companies are attempting to stop Philly’s recently-passed “ticket-to-tow” law. 

City Life

Philly Tow Truck Driver Charged With Illegally Towing Cars and Selling Them

Having your car towed is one of the more mind-bogglingly frustrating experiences of living, working and playing in Philadelphia. But having your car stolen by […]

City Life

Kenney Signs Bill to Crack Down on Illegal Towing in Philly

Mayor Jim Kenney signed a bill yesterday that will help the city crack down on illegal towing in Philadelphia.

City Life

City Council to Hold Hearing on Illegal Tow-Truck Schemes

Anyone in Philadelphia who has ever had a car towed illegally is getting the chance to speak out.

City Life

If Your Car Was Towed During Philly Free Streets, You’re Getting a Refund

Because Philly Free Streets doesn’t need another reason to be seen as slightly disappointing, the city will cancel all tickets issued to drivers who had their cars […]

Tow Truck Bait Scheme
City Life

South Philly Man Says He Captured a Tow Truck Bait Scheme on Video

Footage of an alleged tow truck bait scheme is gaining traction after South Philly vigilante Chris Norman posted it to Facebook on Monday.


City Officials Target Illegally Towed Cars

Councilwoman Maria Quinones Sanchez has introduced legislation that could help prevent private companies from illegally towing cars. It’s an issue she said is prevalent in her district, which […]