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Terry Gross

terry gross
City Life

Fresh Air Host Terry Gross on Her Hardest Interviews and Her Secret Twitter Account

My full name is … just Terry Gross. People think it’s short for Teresa, but it’s just Terry. I grew up in … Brooklyn, before […]

City Life

Terry Gross to Receive Humanities Medal From President Obama

WHYY’s Terry Gross is one of 12 people set to receive a National Humanities Medal during a White House ceremony next week.

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LISTEN: Questlove Talks Prince, Ping Pong, Philly in Interview With NPR’s Terry Gross

Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson has had a tumultuous and emotional few weeks, with the deaths of his friends and music legends Prince — about whom he penned an […]

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5 Things I Learned at Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me! at the Mann Center

On Thursday, a live recording of  Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me! was held at the Mann Center. Hosted by humorist, Peter Sagal, the podcast game show is a hilarious review of […]

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Tonight at the Mann: Fresh Air Meets Wait, Wait…Don’t Tell Me!

Looking for a last-minute way to spend your Thursday evening? Philly-based Fresh Air talk show host Terry Gross will make an appearance at The Mann Center tonight […]

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LISTEN: Neil Patrick Harris Chats With Terry Gross About Playing Hedwig, Escaping Doogie Howser and Coming Out in Press Release in 2006

In the latest episode of Philly-produced podcast Fresh Air, host Terry Gross conducts an interview with triple-threat talent and one of today’s shiniest gay stars, […]

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HEADS UP: Terry Gross Chats With George Takei

The latest episode of Philly-produced radio talk show Fresh Air finds host Terry Gross chatting with legendary gay advocate George Takei. It’s a good listen. […]

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Philadelphians Who Deserve Murals Instead of Kurt Vile

On Saturday, a Philadelphian decided to buff the Kurt Vile mural, causing shrieks of horror from hip Philadelphians and a Philadelphia public art meme. People […]

City Life

Terry Gross Is Bad for the Country

Conventional wisdom holds that Terry Gross, host of WHYY-produced NPR staple Fresh Air, is the best interviewer in the business. Conventional wisdom is full of […]

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Hillary Clinton Accuses Terry Gross of Being “Persistent”

Hillary Clinton is on a book tour (PHOTOS: she’s was at the free library Friday morning), and this week, she sat down with Philadelphia’s Terry Gross for an interview […]

Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter
City Life

Mike Nutter Hates WHYY Pledge Drives As Much As You

Every year I get suckered into thinking that my contribution to the local public radio outfit will somehow make the local public radio outfit stop […]

City Life

PHOTO: Meet Terry Gross’s Cat

Terry Gross did a cat show today. So her staff decided to throw some pictures of their cats up on Tumblr. The big gray feline […]