Hillary Clinton Accuses Terry Gross of Being “Persistent”

Score one for the Philly-based host of NPR's Fresh Air.

TerryGrossHillary Clinton is on a book tour (PHOTOS: she’s was at the free library Friday morning), and this week, she sat down with Philadelphia’s Terry Gross for an interview that aired on NPR’s Fresh Air.

The interview has generated a lot of controversy thanks to a rather awkward section where Gross questions Clinton on the hot topic of gay marriage.

Gross questions Clinton. Clinton evades. Gross questions Clinton some more. Clinton evades some more. And then Gross questions Clinton some more. Clinton becomes obviously perturbed, accusing Gross of being “persistent,” which is hardly a criticism in Gross’s line of work.

Buzzfeed counts 10 times that Gross tried to get Clinton to explain herself. The National Journal says it was a mistake for Clinton to take the interview in the first place. And New York Magazine describes Clinton as “testy.”

Here’s the full interview. Fast-forward to 19:52. That’s where the testy discussion begins.