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house for sale queen village end unit trinity exterior front

On the Market: End-Unit Trinity in Queen Village

Some years back, this section had a regular department titled “Why Won’t This Sell?” Maybe I need to dust that off for this Queen Village […]

house for sale south kensington expanded trinity exterior front

Just Listed: Renewed Expanded Trinity in South Kensington

The general rule of thumb is: A young single person or couple buys a cute trinity in one of the neighborhoods where they abound. Then […]

house for sale fitler square traditional contemporary exterior front

On the Market: Contemporary Traditional Rowhouse in Fitler Square

As those of you who pore over real estate listings know, the year 1920 often appears as a placeholder construction date for houses probably built […]

house for sale queen village renewed trinity exterior front perspective

Just Listed: Renewed Trinity in Queen Village

Want proof that the real estate market cooldown many of us had been hoping for has arrived in full force? Consider this listing, the first […]

condo for sale fishtown factory loft overview

On the Market: Factory Loft Condo in Fishtown

You might have noticed by now that I am quite fond of Fishtown’s Old World Warehouse condominium. Converted factories and warehouses offer residential space with […]

condo for sale fishtown industrial loft

On the Market: Industrial Loft Condo in Fishtown

Fishtown’s Old World Warehouse — built in the 19th century to house an elevator manufacturer — is one of the most distinctive industrial loft condo […]

house for sale Bella Vista renovated row main floor

Just Listed: Renovated Rowhouse in Bella Vista

Rowhouses that look like this one on the outside are a dime a dozen in South Philadelphia. Most of them date to the first decade […]

house for sale Fishtown designer townhouse exterior

Just Listed: Custom Designer Townhouse in Fishtown

Up to this point, I haven’t used the terms “Fishtown” and “million-dollar designer townhouse” in the same sentence. There’s a first time for everything, I […]

renovated fishtown rowhouse for sale main floor

Just Listed: Renovated Designer Rowhouse in Fishtown

Bet you didn’t know that Formstone could ever look this good, did you? Neither did the designer/marketer/strategist who bought this Fishtown rowhouse and made it […]

fishtown station condo for sale main living area

On the Market: New Construction Condo in Fishtown (Almost)

Readers of a certain age may have fond memories of “The Blues Brothers,” the 1980 film in which “Saturday Night Live” regulars John Belushi and […]

649 loves lane, wynnewood

Has Coronavirus Changed the Real Estate Market?

The owner of 649 Loves Lane in Wynnewood was all ready to pull the trigger. The Tudor Revival house, part of a unique, historic community […]

logan square designer rowhouse exterior front

Just Listed: Designer Rowhouse in Logan Square

Folks, don’t try this at home. Unless, that is, you have the design skills, understanding of function and space-shaping ability to turn an old rowhouse […]

house for sale fairmount rehabbed rowhouse exterior corner perspective

Just Listed: Artful Rowhouse Renovation in Fairmount

End-unit rowhouses are special. Why? Because they have more windows, that’s why. All those extra windows give them much more light than their hemmed-in midblock […]

house for sale northern liberties designer townhouse exterior

Just Listed: Designer Townhouse in Northern Liberties

On Monday, I gave you one reason why homeowners hire interior designers to shape their spaces. Today, I offer another: They can get cooler furniture […]

condo for sale fishtown modern industrial condo drive aisle view

On the Market: Modern Townhouse in Fishtown

Attendees at this year’s ThinkFest heard developer Roland Kassis explain how he got started on the path to transforming Fishtown’s Frankford Avenue with a tale of […]