Temple Study Finds Social Media Marketing Harms Business Long-Term

A new study out of Temple’s Fox School of Business has some findings that might make some businesses reconsider their social media marketing strategies. The […]

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Penn Study: Arts Improve Well-Being in Poorer Neighborhoods

A new study from Penn’s Social Impact of the Arts project found that cultural resources in lower-income neighborhoods are “significantly” linked to better schooling, health, […]


Penn Study: Mustaches More Common Than Women in Top Medical Leadership Posts

You probably could’ve guessed — if asked — that there are more men than women leading the nation’s top academic medical institutions in America. But […]

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Drexel: Most Adults Are Sexting

Sexting isn’t just a teen fad, a new study from Drexel University has found. Eight in 10 adults have sexted in the last year, according […]

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Researchers Say Same-Sex Couples May Soon Be Able to Produce Biological Children Together

Well this is a game-changer if I ever heard one: Scientists say that same-sex couples may soon be able to produce biological children together. Researchers […]

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Too Much Eye Contact: Maybe This Is Why the Government Shut Down!

So yesterday John Boehner and President Obama sat down for a face-to-face chat, and ABSOLUTELY NOTHING HAPPENED. Throughout the country, journalists lamented: How can this […]

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The World’s First Transgender Bird?

Researchers in New Zealand say they have discovered the world’s first transgender bird. The bellbird has the DNA of a female but looks and behaves like a male.

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DADT: One Year Later

The Palm Center released the results of a study of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell one year after it was repealed revealing there has been no negative impact.

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SURVEY: Sex is the Question

The CDC is encouraging men who have sex with other men to take a new survey – Sex is the Question – it’s the largest survey of its kind designed to help researchers learn more about sexual health, HIV, AIDS and other STDs.

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Gay? Straight? It’s All in the Eyes

A new study from Cornell University suggests that someone’s sexual orientation can be studied in the eyes.

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Black Guys Use Condoms More Than White Guys

A study from San Francisco State University finds that black males in relationships use condoms more frequently than white male couples.

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Get Smart: Five Gay Poets

Questia is celebrating Pride with free access this June to LGBT poets in its online research library.

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What’s In an LGBT Community Center?

Despite the slow economic recovery, 179 lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community centers nationwide manage to provide vital resources to 1.7 million people annually. […]

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The Realities of Transgender Aging

Thanks to Sage (Services and Advocacy for GLBT Elders) and the National Center for Transgender Equality (NCTE), transgender men and women have a new guidebook […]

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Is Gaydar Real?

You know that feeling you get when you meet someone and pretty much know without a doubt that he or she is batting for the […]