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Three Area Colleges Have High SAT Scores

NBC10 reports that a new Forbes‘ list puts three area universities on its list of schools whose students have high SAT scores:


Princeton Professor Charged with Stealing 21 Lawn Signs

Princeton professor John Mulvey is facing theft charges for allegedly stealing 21 signs for a computer repair business from private lawns in the town. Ted […]

lindbergh house

Home Where Charles Lindbergh Once Lived Is for Sale in Princeton

White Cloud Farm has a fascinating history, which is why we’re straying a bit from our usual coverage area and heading on over to Lawrence Township. […]


Field Guide: 5 Best Shops and Sights in Princeton

Come summer, Princeton’s collegiate crowd clears out, making this the perfect time to enjoy the area’s quaint, brainy charm. Here’s where to go first. Brick […]

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Princeton Offering Meningitis Vaccines for Students’ Significant Others

Princeton, still reeling from a meningitis outbreak on campus last year that led to the death of a Drexel student, is now offering an unapproved […]

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“Princeton Mom” Snagged a Married Man

We’re not super-enamored of Susan Patton, the so-called “Princeton Mom” who encourages young women to find a mate in college instead of concentrating on their […]

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Drexel Meningitis Death May Be Linked to Contact with Princeton Students

There is now more information on the sudden death of a Drexel student from meningitis earlier this month. Today, Princeton announced the death of Stephanie […]

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Princeton Meningitis Vaccine May Be Backfiring

After getting an FDA-unapproved meningitis vaccine (like the rest of the meningitis-stricken campus) one 18-year-old Princeton student fell down with a very strange illness called […]

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Princeton Raises Tuition to…a Lot of Money

Princeton is raising its tuition by 4.1% this year to $41,820. Tack on $13,620 in room and board, and that’s a lot of money for a […]

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The Daily Princetonian Now Has a “Meningitis” Vertical

Princeton’s serious, desperate, quasi-legal meningitis problem has been well-covered here at Philly Mag. So we feel duty-bound to inform you that it’s also being well covered […]

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More Than Half of Princeton Has Now Taken Unapproved Vaccine

As of Wednesday night, 4,361 of Princeton’s 8,000 students have taken a meningitis vaccine not currently approved in the United States. (The other 3,639 have […]

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Princeton Students Line Up For Meningitis Vaccine

Remember how Princeton students went home for Thanksgiving a couple of weeks ago despite a meningitis outbreak on campus? Well, now they’re getting a vaccine […]

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Princeton Has Officially Gone “Dallas Buyers Club” on Meningitis Problem

A couple weeks ago we wondered if Princeton was going to gives its students a vaccine not approved for use in this country–yes, you read […]

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CDC: Princeton Students Won’t Be Quarantined This Thanksgiving

The Star-Ledger reports: “Despite the outbreak of an unusual strain of meningitis on campus, Princeton University students returning home for the holidays don’t pose a […]

Princeton bonfire
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In Princeton, Effigies Have Feelings, Too

Millennials, you are killing me. I know, I know; we celebrate you on the December cover of the magazine. We get to read inside about […]