Princeton Meningitis Vaccine May Be Backfiring

One student came down with a serious case of a disease you've never heard of.

After getting an FDA-unapproved meningitis vaccine (like the rest of the meningitis-stricken campus) one 18-year-old Princeton student fell down with a very strange illness called rhabdomyolysis, which the Princetonian describes as “an acute breakdown of muscle tissue that causes muscle fiber and protein to be transferred into the bloodstream, risking severe kidney damage.”

The student, who was granted anonymity to freely discuss the situation, said he had received the vaccine on the evening of Feb. 18, and subsequently went to the gym to fight off the “meng arm,” the condition of the sore arm that results from receiving the vaccine. A nurse had told the student that doing exercise after receiving the vaccine was a good idea.

“[The workout] wasn’t all that intense or strenuous. I definitely did those before with no problems whatsoever,” the student said. “I felt fine during the workout, and the next morning, I woke up feverish and I was just sore all over my upper body.”

A doctor at Princeton’s health services claim that a link between the vaccine and the rhabdomyolysis is unlikely, and some suggested that the exercising was to blame. So either way (see bolded content above), somebody at Princeton is to blame…