“Princeton Mom” Snagged a Married Man

Susan Patton met her husband at work, not college. Just one problem...

We’re not super-enamored of Susan Patton, the so-called “Princeton Mom” who encourages young women to find a mate in college instead of concentrating on their careers. We already knew she’d married a man who hadn’t actually attended Princeton; what we hadn’t known was that her husband was already married when she snagged him.

The Daily Mail reports:

Patton, 59, sparked a national conversation and won infamy for herself when she wrote an article urging young women to find a husband while at college – ideally Princeton, her alma mater – and not put their careers first.

But she her adamantly declined to talk about her own marital past, aside from revealing that she is divorced and has two sons. Now MailOnline can reveal that her ex is advertising executive Steve Jaffe.

It was Patton’s first day working at an advertising agency in the 1980’s when she spotted Jaffe on the job and shocked colleagues over a meet-and-greet lunch by saying: ‘I’m gonna marry that man!’

When they protested that he was already happily married, she ignored them and began a years-long process of ‘wearing him down’.

Jaffe stood no chance against brassy Patton who ‘bowled him over’ – and swept his wife aside.

Now this isn’t hypocrisy exactly — Patton didn’t write a book urging young women to stay away from married men — but it is somewhat salacious. The morals they must teach at Princeton!