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port richmond


Checkmate in East Kensington? Broker Rearranges the Chessboard

I’ve gotten lots of pitches from real estate agents and others that lead me to ask, “What’s in a name?” The answer, it appears, is, […]


A Piece of Philly’s Polish History Is Up for Lease in Port Richmond

In case you haven’t noticed, Port Richmond stands on the verge of becoming the next Fishtown and East Kensington put together. Already, rejeuvenation has taken hold […]


Grey Lodge’s “Scoats” Takes Over Bonk’s Bar

Mike “Scoats” Scotese has made a name for himself by running the Grey Lodge in Northeast Philadelphia for more than 20 years. Making the bar one of […]


First-Time Find: Get In on the Ground Floor in Port Richmond

As Fishtown continues to rise in popularity, the first waves of change are lapping up against the next neighborhood upriver, Port Richmond. Port Richmond has […]


Philly’s First Grocery Store with Wine

The Richmond Bottle Shop within the IGA Super Market at 2497 Aramingo Avenue is now selling wine. Thanks to the law change that went into effect […]


First Look: Bait & Switch

Let’s get one thing straight: there’s no truly regional seafood tradition in the Mid-Atlantic. Sure, Barnegat Bay has it’s scallops, the Chesapeake has its crabs, […]


For Rent: Port Richmond’s Pan-Dandy Ghost Sign Apartment

Lookin’ for a unique pad to rent in Port Richmond? The apartment with the 100-year-old ghost sign is now for rent. The Somers Team pinged us […]


36 Affordable Townhomes to Replace Vacant Lot in Port Richmond

About ten minutes from the blighted Orinoka textile factory building, another eyesore takes up promising real estate. Fortunately, like Orinoka, the vacant lot at 2201 E. Auburn […]

City Life

Sexual Assault at Port Richmond’s Graffiti Pier Yesterday

Since Conrail moved its coal-carrying operations to Baltimore in the early ’90s, Pier 124 has been a hulking, abandoned ruin at the edge of Port […]

City Life

Mother Killed in Port Richmond With 2-Year-Old Daughter in the House

22-year-old mother Stephanie Dzikowski was killed overnight in Port Richmond, police say. Her 2-year-old daughter was home but uninjured. “Neighbors here in the 3000 block of Aramingo […]

City Life

Scenes From an Occupation: The Amtrak Crash Media Frenzy

Along Frankford Avenue, lined up like antennaed Chiclets, are the white news vans from all over. Some of the names and logos are recognizable — CNN, for […]


Calling All Artists! The Ideal Studio Loft Awaits in Port Richmond!

“The location is superb” says Tom Gallagher, the owner of this property in Port Richmond. “It’s easy to get to I-95,” he says, and a […]


Postgreen Offers Peek At Its Next Project

Trenton Avenue, which begins in the triangle where Fishtown, East Kensington and Port Richmond overlap, is a broad thoroughfare that once was a bustling industrial […]


5 Children Left in SUV in Port Richmond Parking Lot

Five children were found in a locked car in a Port Richmond supermarket parking lot today. The three toddlers and two infants were spotted in […]

City Life

Nun Assaulted in Port Richmond

A man on Sunday assaulted a nun in Port Richmond, before driving away in a car. The nun, 65, was in the passenger seat of […]