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City House of the Week: “Urban Warehouse” Residence in Society Hill

Designed by Philadelphia architect Reed Axelrod, Society Hill’s “Urban Warehouse,” as the listing christens it, is one of those rare homes whose construction piques the curiosity […]

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The Best Thing That Happened This Week: Philly Sports Hit Bottom

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Chickens! Chickens Everywhere!

Robert Drake is not usually one to complain. The affable WXPN producer and on-air personality — and part-time weather forecaster — is generally a pretty happy guy and […]

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David Devan and the Future of Opera in Philadelphia

“Toi toi toi!” It’s the opera equivalent of “break a leg,” and David Devan is saying it to everyone in sight as he darts around […]

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Relax, Everyone: Millennials Are Getting Laid Plenty

Two studies came out recently showing that — surprise! — millennials get laid less than their parents did. My Baby Boomer colleague Sandy Hingston wrote that as soon as […]

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Rock Lititz Studio: Where Taylor Swift and Usher Get Ready to Play

The ducks in the park, the old-timey clock at the town’s heart, the rustic storefronts and occasional horse-drawn carriage suggest time has stopped here. Lititz, […]


Of Vinyl, Ramps and Stinging Nettle: Helm Reviewed

You knew this was coming. In Philadelphia, where chefs are constantly popping up in one another’s kitchens or dueling each other at Cook, it was […]

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17 Things to Do in Philly This Week


When Did the Hand-on-Hip Pose Take Over, and Can We Please All Stop Doing It?

I don’t know when exactly it took over, or how it became so pervasive so quickly, but at some point we all decided that we would never […]


Habitat: A Light-Filled Home in Jenkintown

I wouldn’t say I don’t like color,” says Anne Flynn, who, along with her husband, Sean, has owned this light-filled home in Jenkintown for 12 […]

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The Best Thing That Happened This Week

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101 Best Things to Do in and Around Philadelphia This Summer

Who cares about the date of the solstice: We are past Memorial Day, and that means it is summertime. As usual, there are a multitude […]

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Ruben Amaro Jr. Is the Worst Executive in Sports

1. Origins IN THE WINTER OF 1991, Phillies general manager Lee Thomas sent an aging outfielder named Von Hayes packing for California. Hayes had been one of […]

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How Pope Francis Made It Safe for Me to Come Crawling Back to Church

It was in second grade that I first suspected I didn’t belong at St. Cecilia’s. I was only 7, but when I looked into Sister […]

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One of Us: Eric Bazilian of the Hooters

My name is … Eric Bazilian, which is apparently really hard to spell. I’ve gotten every imaginable permutation. I am … a guy in a […]