The Best Thing That Happened This Week: Buzz Bissinger Introduced Caitlyn Jenner

Who better to tell her story than Buzz?

buzz bissinger caitlyn jenner

At first blush — or mascara, or lip gloss — it doesn’t seem like a logical pairing: the tough-talking author of Friday Night Lights and the transgender stepparent of Kim Kardashian? But then you remember that piece Philly’s very own Pulitzer-winner (at the Inquirer, back when it was good) penned for GQ about his personal adventures in makeup application and cross-dressing a few years back:

Some of the clothing is men’s. Some is women’s. I make no distinction. Men’s fashion is catching up. … But women’s fashion is still infinitely more interesting and has an unfair monopoly on feeling sexy, and if the clothing you wear makes you feel the way you want to feel, liberated and alive, then fucking wear it. The opposite, to repress yourself as I did for the first 55 years of my life, is the worst price of all to pay.

And you say, “Oh, yeah, sure, right.” Because who better to tell the convoluted story of Caitlyn, beaming out at the world from the cover of Vanity Fair in her $200 bustier, than a man who likewise adores both the thrill of victory and the supple allure of leather against flesh?

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