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Paul Levy

City Life

CCD’s Paul Levy: “Obsolete” Tax Structure Is Holding Philly Back

As the founding chief executive of the Center City District, Paul Levy has played a hand in each of the business improvement district’s annual “State […]


5 Takeaways from the 2017 “State of Center City” Report

The release of the 2017 “State of Center City” report at this morning’s quarterly meeting of the Central Philadelphia Development Corporation was a “Yes, but…” […]


Chamber of Commerce Votes Against Philadelphia Tax Reform Plan

A coalition of city business and political leaders led by Center City District President and CEO Paul Levy and Brandywine Realty Trust President and CEO […]


Philly Workers and Businesses Might Get a Big Tax Cut … In Two Years

For years, a chorus of business leaders and policy wonks has been singing the same tune: The business and wage taxes in Philadelphia are too […]


Selfies with Philly’s Most Prominent Business People

Like it or not, selfies are a huge part of pop culture — and nobody’s too cool to take one, even Philly’s most prominent business people. […]


High Line Lessons for Reading Viaduct Park

For anyone living under a rock for the past six or seven years, there’s something called the High Line in New York City. It’s “among […]


The Brief: The Mayoral Campaign’s Big Tax Reform Idea

One of the biggest ideas in the mayoral race to date was hatched not by any of the candidates, but by Center City Executive Director Paul […]


Center City’s Housing Market Is Surging, But For How Long?

Center City has recovered from the recession, and then some. Developers built 1,983 new housing units in Center City last year, a robust total that is […]


The Brief: This Mayor’s Race Is Bad For Business

Yesterday in City Council, some of the leading advocates of lower wage and business taxes showed up at a hearing for Councilman David Oh’s quixotic […]

Dilworth Park Fountain

Paul Levy Wants a Truce Between Center City and Neighborhoods

Mayoral elections in Philadelphia have a tendency to become battles between neighborhood interests and Center City ones, and there are plenty of indicators that 2015 […]

City Life

Citizens Bank Park: A Decade in the Stadium We Didn’t Want

The first 10 years of Citizens Bank Park, I think we can all agree, have been pretty great. Five division titles. Eight winning seasons. One […]

City Life

City Hall Takes On Scientology

The Daily News reports that City Hall is preparing to fight the Church of Scientology … over blight.


Food & Drink Innovators in Philadelphia

In addition to the Stephen Starr defense in November’s Innovators cover story in Philadelphia magazine; the following men and women who have a large impact […]