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So You Don’t Lose It: The Simple Tweak to Gain More Control of Your Emotions

Trying to calm down is no easy feat when you are feeling anything but calm. But per Futurity, new research published in Scientific Reports suggests that there’s a […]

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Study: Why Your Bedtime Matters Just As Much As the Number of Hours You Sleep

Sure, setting a bedtime alarm might sound like an eye-roll-worthy suggestion. But a new study performed by researchers at Brigham and Women’s Hospital shows that […]

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Why People Who Do Everything Right Still Get Cancer, According to New Study

Yesterday, my friend and I were texting back and forth about how Grey’s Anatomy is our personal version of comfort food. I turn to the […]

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Temple Study: Men Ate 6,000 Calories a Day and Didn’t Get Out of Bed for a Week

Nope, you didn’t read that headline wrong. For a new study out of Temple University, six male volunteers willingly (and, I’m assuming, happily) consumed 6,000 calories […]

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The Checkup: Here’s What Actually Happens to Fat When You Lose Weight

• I’m sure you’ve heard any number of theories as to what happens to fat when you lose weight: Cells shrink but never actually disappear. […]

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Which Matters More to Donor-Egg Recipients: Looks or IQ?

So you’re going shopping for a donor egg. What traits of the donor would be most important to you? A new study in the Journal […]

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Study: People Who Live Near Bike Lanes Exercise More

Looks like whole “If you build it, they will come” thing might actually be true when it comes to bike lanes and bike paths. A […]

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WHOA: Temple Researchers Edit HIV Out of Human Cells in Lab Study

Crazy cool news out of Temple University today, y’all: As per a just-published study in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, researchers from […]

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Why America Is Obese: We’re Not Exercising Enough, Study Says

A new study by Stanford University School of Medicine suggests that America’s obesity epidemic might be more influenced by a lack of exercise than excess calorie consumption, […]


Turmoil Over Testosterone Study Leaves Doctors, Patients Dangling

The news was enough to make a testosterone induced manly man shrivel. It was late last year that JAMA, the Journal of the American Medical […]


CHOP, Penn Get Donation for New Research Center

Philadelphia Business Journal reports that Penn and the Children’s Hospital of Pennsylvania have been given a joint donation to research treatments for Friedreich’s ataxia, a rare […]

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Philadelphia FIGHT Participating in Major Clinical Trial to Find HIV Cure

Local HIV service organization Philadelphia FIGHT has announced that it will participate in “the largest randomized trial anywhere” to find a cure for HIV. The project […]

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Too Much Eye Contact: Maybe This Is Why the Government Shut Down!

So yesterday John Boehner and President Obama sat down for a face-to-face chat, and ABSOLUTELY NOTHING HAPPENED. Throughout the country, journalists lamented: How can this […]