The Checkup: Here’s What Actually Happens to Fat When You Lose Weight



• I’m sure you’ve heard any number of theories as to what happens to fat when you lose weight: Cells shrink but never actually disappear. Cells burn up and—poof!—vanish into thin air. One scientist in Australia was determined to figure out what really happens. His discovery will absolutely knock your socks off. [Yahoo Health]

• Ever wonder when you should go to urgent care instead of the emergency room—or vice versa? This handy chart will help you decide. [Women’s Health]

• A panel of medical experts evaluated the advice doled out The Dr. Oz Show. Here’s their report card. [TIME]

• Are you squatting right? Check out this step-by-step tutorial for getting the most out of your squat. [Health]

• Small changes add up to big results. Proof: This list of 100 tiny tweaks could change, well, everything. [Prevention]

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