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back the blue, police rally

Philly FOP Holds “Back the Blue” Police Rally in Northeast Philly

A “Black the Blue” police rally drew a substantial turnout on Thursday night in Northeast Philly. John McNesby, president of Philly’s Fraternal Order of Police union, […]


Martina White: The It Girl of Red Philadelphia

Martina White knew this was coming. Less than two weeks before the most shocking presidential election in modern history, the Republican lawmaker was sitting at […]

Penn campus

Pa. Legislator Wants to Punish “Sanctuary Campuses”

A Pennsylvania legislator plans to introduce a bill that, if passed, could cut funding from colleges and universities in the state that declare themselves “sanctuary campuses.”


Wolf Vetoes Bill That Would Stall Naming of Cops Who Shoot Civilians

Gov. Tom Wolf has just vetoed a controversial bill that would have limited transparency at police departments across the state.


Martina White Wins Reelection to the Pennsylvania House

Republican state Rep. Martina White won reelection in Northwest Philadelphia with 54 percent of the vote in the Northeast’s 170th District.


This Anti-Immigration Bill Has Stalled In Harrisburg — And It Should Stay Stalled

Philly Republican state Rep. Martina White’s controversial HB 1885 bill, which would penalize and make liable municipalities with sanctuary city protections in place for undocumented residents, did […]


State Legislators Approve Bill Limiting Police Transparency in Pennsylvania

Last week, we told you about three controversial bills being fast-tracked through the Pennsylvania legislature. One of them, a bill that would limit police transparency, is […]


Right Now, Philly Politics Is Even More Disheartening Than Usual for Latinxs

It’s a really hard time to be a Latina and a local politics wonk. Leslie Acosta — one of two Latino state lawmakers from Philly, and the […]


WATCH: NE Philly Rep. White Clashes with Immigration Activists

Al Día has posted a video showing Northeast Philly State Rep. Martina White yelling at immigrants’ rights activists in her Harrisburg office. Last month, White […]


Should Cops Who Shoot Civilians Be Named?

In the wake of the deaths of Brandon Tate-Brown, Michael Brown and many others, an important question has been raised: Should the public know the names […]


The Brief: Philly’s GOP Representation in Harrisburg Doubled Overnight, as Martina White Wins Special Election

Republican elected officials are all but extinct in Philadelphia. True, you have State Rep. John Taylor and 10th District Councilman Brian O’Neill, but, until yesterday, […]