Liberty Bell


You Can No Longer Fly Drones Near the Liberty Bell

The days of creating fancy drone videos of Independence Mall are over. The Federal Aviation Administration has announced a ban on drone flights within 400 feet of 10 national […]


11 Things You Might Not Know About the 1926 Sesqui-Centennial Exhibition

In 1876, Philly put on a Centennial Exhibition that set the gold standard for big, innovative civic parties. Fifty years later, it put on a Sesqui-Centennial […]


Report: National Parks Bring $196 Million to Philly

A new report says Philadelphia’s national parks generated $196 million for the city in 2013 — being the birthplace of American democracy, turns out, can […]


Straight Talk With Bicentennial Architect Peter Chermayeff

The old Independence Visitor Center, constructed by the National Park Service for the 1976 Bicentennial celebration, has not been receiving a lot of love in […]


Man Acquitted of Threatening to Bomb Liberty Bell

The 42-year-old Portuguese man who was arrested in January for allegedly threatening to park officials that he was going to blow up the Liberty Bell was acquitted […]


Update: Independence Nat’l Park Opening Today

Update (10:15 a.m.) Independence National Historical Park–aka the Liberty Bell and friends–will re-open gradually today, according to park ranger Adam Duncan, who handles public affairs.


Nutter Won’t Use Local Tax Dollars to Open Federal Sites

KYW reports that Mayor Nutter won’t use local dollars to re-open federal tourist sites like the Liberty Bell, even though New York is paying to […]


Hanging Out with Disappointed Tourists on Independence Mall

The great thing about government shutdowns it that they bring people together. If you go to Independence Mall today—or any day for the foreseeable future—you’ll […]


Philly’s National Parks Are Definitely, Maybe Shutting Down Tomorrow

  So, you may be wondering, what does the coming government shutdown mean for Philadelphia? Well, a wide swath of federal workers will be furloughed […]


Police Issue Citations, Make No Arrests at Recent Marijuana Legalization Protest

The marijuana menace apparently has not yet been eradicated from out fair city. On Sunday, radical group of protestors, united under the “Smoke Down Prohibition” […]


New Report: Here’s How Much Tourism Impacted Philly Last Year

Eds, meds, and…tourism. That basically sums up Philly’s 21st century economy. But how many tourists really show up? How much do they bring in? And […]


Watch a Bunch of Pot Smokers Commit a Federal Crime on Independence Mall

On Sunday, a large group of pot activists assembled on Independence Mall to give a middle-finger to an apparently apathetic U.S. federal government. A video […]


Philly’s Feeling the Sequester Pinch: Liberty Bell Reducing Hours

At a protest that took place today on Independence Mall, City Paper caught up with three federal workers already feeling the automatic spending cuts that […]


Liberty Bell Bombing Suspect, Still in Jail, Ordered to Stand Trial

The man charged with threatening to blow up the Liberty Bell more than a month ago was ordered to stand trial today. Portuguese native Carlos […]


That Other Liberty Bell No One Cares About Locked Away in Closet Today

In 1976, the Queen of England brought over a replica of our old pal Liberty Bell, to commemorate the Bicentennial. How sweet and thoughtful–our new […]