Watch a Bunch of Pot Smokers Commit a Federal Crime on Independence Mall

On Sunday, a large group of pot activists assembled on Independence Mall to give a middle-finger to an apparently apathetic U.S. federal government. A video was posted today documenting the collective joint hit, which went unpunished by the National Park Service. Philly’s got relatively lenient pot laws, but the U.S. government doesn’t, and they were protesting on federal property. And yet, after they had lit up, and the cloud of smoke had dissipated, no one had been arrested. One activist with a video camera even marched over to confront the park ranger, and seemed disappointed to get indifference. No word on whether a lone smoker lighting up on a summer weekend day would fare so well. As the ranger said (at about the 3:00 mark) it’s a matter of “officer discretion.”