IRS Agent Who Helped Put Seth Williams Away Charged in Sex Crime

Just seven months ago, IRS special agent in charge Gregory Floyd stood in front of reporters in Philadelphia and announced details in the corruption case […]


A Former IRS Employee Is Going to Prison for Stealing Other People’s Tax Refunds

Ah, January. That time of year when we begin to think about filling out our tax returns — and also how much we all hate […]


Chaka Fattah Jr.: Why I’m Fighting the IRS

Guest Commentary: Chaka Fattah Jr. is suing the IRS for $10 million. He is the President of 259 Strategies, LLC, and the son of Rep. […]


Chaka Fattah Jr. Talks Gambling, His Congressman Dad, the IRS

It’s a crazy time to be Chaka Fattah Jr. He’s facing federal charges for tax evasion. He’s suing the IRS for $10 million (complaint below). And his […]


Uh Oh: The IRS Raided Branzino On Tuesday

Rittenhouse Square was all abuzz last night with news that the IRS raided Branzino, the popular BYOB on 17th Street near Spruce. According to a […]


Philadelphia Woman Charged With Cheating on Taxes While Working for IRS

There’s no substitute for good timing. On Tuesday, April 15th — otherwise known as Tax Day — the United States Attorney’s office in Philadelphia charged […]


Manco & Manco Pizza Owners Arrested on Tax Charges in New Jersey

UPDATE [3:50 p.m.]: According to the Inquirer,  Manco & Manco Pizza owners Charles and Mary Bangle have been released. They’ve been ordered to surrender their passports, and […]


Philadelphian Takes Selfies to Prove Local Residency to IRS

There’s a story at Mashable by Brian Koerber today with a fun tale about Andrew Jarvis. Jarvis is an architect at EwingCole who splits his […]