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Market Report: 8 Lies You Should Never Tell Your Hair Stylist

Why telling little white lies to your stylist—”No, I didn’t see anyone else since our last appointment!”—can actually ruin your hair. We’re talking hair melting, guys. […]

10 Best Mules For Spring

The Edit: Why You’ll Be Wearing Mule Shoes This Spring

Never in footwear history has there been a shoe more controversial than the mule. It’s been maligned  by many for the clomp-clomp sound it makes […]


The Best Way To Waterproof Men’s Dress Shoes

Most fashion inventions claim to be both functional and stylish. In reality, while many manage to hit the function part, they woefully miss the mark […]

Winter Boot Guide

Snowstorm Janus: Your Ultimate Winter Boot Guide

Okay, so by now you’ve realized that your piddly ankle-high “I can still be super-cute even though it’s seriously snowing out there” boots aren’t going […]


Covet: You Won’t Believe What Shoe Is Making A Comeback

Newsflash: In case you haven’t been glued to your street-style blogs and fashion mags, Birkenstocks have made a comeback among the style set (even Vogue […]