The Best Way To Waterproof Men’s Dress Shoes

Now someone go and make these for high heels, please.


Most fashion inventions claim to be both functional and stylish. In reality, while many manage to hit the function part, they woefully miss the mark when it comes to form. See: Pajama Jeans (ew), the Flip Flop Sock (EW), Heel Condoms (#!@$*?>&).

Enter Swims galoshes, quite possibly the only recent fashion invention to win points for style and substance: The rubber is totally waterproof, the soles provide extra grip for slippery surfaces, and they fit snugly over leather dress shoes (sorry, they’re not recommended for suede). Head to ToBox Shoes at 25 South 19th Street to score a pair; I’m partial to the camo ones (as is my friend and local men’s style blogger Sabir Peele), but ToBox owner Tung To stocks less flashy versions, too. Slip ’em on before you face the slushy, icy streets—yep, this is officially the winter that will never end—and protect your shoes and, well, your dignity (sorry, guys, tucking suit pants into a pair of wellies doesn’t work —unless you’re Hamish Bowles, in which case, proceed).