Snowstorm Janus: Your Ultimate Winter Boot Guide

For the last-minute among us.

Okay, so by now you’ve realized that your piddly ankle-high “I can still be super-cute even though it’s seriously snowing out there” boots aren’t going to cut it. You need to bring in the big guns. I’m talking knee-high, shearling-lined, rubber-soled workhorses that keep your feet dry and warm. I’ve got your best bests out there, along with where you can get them on sale, and how to take care of the boots you do have. Consider this your boot bible, and good luck slushing around out there.

What To Look For:  Look for boots that are lined (with shearling, faux fur or fleece), make sure they’re waterproof, and check out the soles: You want hardwearing rubber soles and, if possible, a rubber shell to keep wetness out. See those Sorels, below center? They’ve even got a removable felt inner boot, so if any wetness does creep in, you can take it out and let it dry. So long, soggy boots! (Psst: Roll over the image to be directed to where you can buy these boots online!)

What To Avoid: These. They might be cute, but road salt and wet weather do not mix with suede. My toes are cold just looking at them.

Where To Find Boots (On Sale, Please): Right now, you can find great deals on winter boots as shops look to clear out winter merch. Sorel (one of my fave winter boot makers) has a sweet sale section; L.L. Bean is offering $40 off these (hello, waterproof leather and shearling lining!), and Sierra Trading Post has a good sale selection (I dig these).

So You Wore Your Leather Boots Out And The Salt Destroyed Them. Now What?  We have the answer right here!

“Can I Wear My Uggs?” No.