Market Report: 8 Lies You Should Never Tell Your Hair Stylist

And more style news to know now.

  • Why telling little white lies to your stylist—”No, I didn’t see anyone else since our last appointment!”—can actually ruin your hair. We’re talking hair melting, guys. [Refinery29]
  • The future of shopping: Clothing embedded with little chips that make them shoppable. So, in theory, you can take a stalker-like shot of a stylish person on the street and an app will tell you where you can buy what she’s wearing. Super-weird. [Fashionista]
  • Sneaker strike! There’s a huge strike going on now at the largest sneaker manufacturer (they make shoes for Nike and Adidas). [Jezebel]

  • How tragic is your fashion past? Take this quiz to find out. (I got a 32.) [Buzzfeed]
  • Ever wondered what it would be like to dress royalty? Designer Jenny Packham dished all about it. [Marie Claire]