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Unite Fitness Owner to Meditate
for Two Days

Out Unite Fitness owner Gavin McKay is challenging himself to meditate for two whole days in a campaign that will raise funds for Philly’s largest […]

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Open Call: Six Weeks of Free Fitness with FYI Philly’s Spring Fitness Challenge

Guys, I had an INTENSE week of fitness last week. In addition to my normal rotation of activities (yoga, running, rock climbing—anyone else belong to […]

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What the Heck Is “Carb Cycling”?

The question in the headline of this post was the exact question that ran through my head when I heard tell of a segment on […]

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To Do: Glow-in-the-Dark Spin at Body Cycle Studio

What could possibly make a workout better? Doing it in the dark, of course.

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To Do: Super Bowl Tailgate Ride at Body Cycle Studio This Weekend

Here’s a tailgate with a fun twist: On Sunday morning, Body Cycle Studio is hosting a pre-Super Bowl tailgate ride to help you burn some […]

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Unite Fitness Looking for Family Who Wants to Lose Weight on TV

Move over Cory Wade Hindorff and Dom Streater, a new Philly reality star is around the bend — a whole family, in fact. Center City’s […]