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Christine Flowers

a dog checking out a curbside box for the Philadelphia Weekly
City Life

The Liberal Philadelphia Weekly May Become a Conservative Alt-Weekly

Philadelphia used to have two so-called alt-weekly newspapers. In one corner, you had the City Paper. And in the other corner, you had the Philadelphia […]

christine flowers
City Life

Christine Flowers Explains Why She Was “Fired” By the Inquirer This Week

On Thursday, controversial conservative columnist Christine Flowers took to social media and announced that the Inquirer had “fired” her after 17 years. She did not […]

City Life

OPINION: Where Are All the Conservatives on Your Best of Philly List?

Ed Note: We had a lot of fun putting together this year’s Media, Politics & People (aka “The 38 Philadelphians We Love”) portion of our […]


Christine Flowers: Bill Cosby = Cliff Huxtable, So He Can’t Possibly Be Guilty

It is never easy to learn that a long-held belief is incorrect. Bill Cosby’s trial has forced America into a collective state of cognitive dissonance […]

City Life

One of Us: Conservative Firebrand Christine Flowers

My name is … Christine Marie Rachael Flowers. That’s my confirmation name. My mom got the idea crossing the Christina River. I’m glad it wasn’t […]

City Life

Christine Flowers Has Thoughts About Caitlyn Jenner

Over at the Daily News, Christine Flowers has some thoughts about this Caitlyn Jenner business, and it’s pretty much what you’d expect from her — […]


Christine Flowers Defends U.S. Citizenship in New York Times

A week ago, the New York Times published an op-ed by Jonathan Tepper titled “Why I’m Giving Up My Passport.” The economist, who insists he […]

City Life

Christine Flowers Insults a Philly Civil Rights Hero

We were reading Christine Flowers’ column this morning, thinking maybe once we could get through it without spitting our coffee in rage. After all, she […]