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alligator pork sandwich

First Vegan Meatballs, Now an Alligator Version of the Roast Pork Sandwich

This weekend sees the return of the South Philly Meatball Contest, where chef Jennifer Zavala will bring back her vegan meatballs that caused such a […]


What’s a Philly-Style Hot Dog?

Lots of American cities have their own, well-known treatments of the lowly hot dog, with the Chicago-style hot dog being, perhaps, the most famous. But […]


We Couldn’t Care Less About Fat Tuesday or Mardi Gras

You can send us all of your Mardi Gras and Fat Tuesday press releases and special offers that you want, but you should probably know […]


It’s Really Frigging Cold, So How About Some Free Soup?

The only thing better than a really good bowl of homemade soup on an Arctic-blasted day like this one is a really good free bowl […]

City Life

Music Venue Stirs Controversy By Letting Customers Add Tips for Live Music

Recently, there’s been a lot of talk about tipping, first with prolific restaurateur Danny Meyer — he of Shake Shack fame — declaring that he […]


Dear Philly Bars and Restaurants: If You See This Woman Coming, Lock Your Doors [UPDATED]

UPDATE 5/6/2015 1 p.m.: Janeen Thomas was arrested again on Tuesday night, this time after a meal at Vedge. For the complete update, click here. […]

Things to Do

OutBeat, the Nation’s First Queer Jazz Festival, Heads to Town This Week

Our sister blog, G Philly, has presented lots of coverage on OutBeat, the nation’s first ever LGBTQ jazz festival, that’s playing right here in Philly […]


Where We’re Eating: Chris’ Jazz Cafe

I don’t look for much in a jazz cafe—a stiff drink, a solid menu and, hopefully, good music. But at Chris’ Jazz Cafe, when I […]

Things to Do

The Most Awesome Music Video From 1994 Stars Chris’ Jazz Cafe Manager Whose House Blew Up

Remember the South Philadelphia house that blew up recently? No, not that one. This one. The man whose house blew up was Ron Talton, a […]

Things to Do

Center City Jazz Festival 2014 Lineup Announced

Center City Jazz Festival just released the lineup for its third annual event, taking place April 19th and featuring a full roster of local and […]


Sidecar Is Opening Early Today for the Phillies Game and Offering Dollar Dogs

The Sidecar Bar is opening at 1 p.m. for the Phillies game today and they will be offering dollar dogs and Cracker Jack. Leave work […]


Whether You Call Them Crawfish, Crawdads, or Mudbugs, Chris’ Jazz Cafe Has Figured Out Every Way Possible To Eat Them

Last year, Chris’ Jazz Cafe debuted the world’s first-ever crawfish cheesesteak, and it was pretty dang good, as Councilman Bill Green can attest. And so […]


One Block, Three Very Different Bloody Marys

The other day, because I didn’t really feel like hanging out at the office and because I thought that a little midweek afternoon consumption was […]


The Great Philadelphia Crawfish Shortage of 2011

If you’re looking to celebrate Mardi Gras (it’s today, in case you forgot) by heading out for crawfish and beer, you should probably know that […]


Mardi Gras Fun All Around

Catahoula | House-made boudin This Mardi Gras marks the 10th anniversary of the South Street Mardi Gras riots. Here are some worthwhile events that shouldn’t […]