Chestnut Hill


Clover Market Launches in Chestnut Hill This Weekend

The first time I shopped at Clover Market, I bought a fantastic vintage fur capelet, an antique mirror, some fancy soaps and enough letterpress cards […]

crefeld estate

Morning Headline: John Jay Will Not Buy the Extravagant Mansion With a Speakeasy

This vast French Norman-style estate was built in 1929, later acquired by Eleanor Widener Dixon, and renovated by Horace Trumbauer. It has been on the […]


Mica Offers Lobster Tasting Menu and Second Sunday Brunch

Each week, Mica does a mid-week tasting menu and this one grabbed our attention because it is all about lobster. The four-course lobster tasting is […]


Inventor of the Schmitter Passes Away

Hugh McNally, inventor of the Schmitter sandwich, died of heart failure on September 11th. McNally was the owner of Chestnut Hill’s McNally’s Tavern for 42-years, […]


Strangest Restaurant Conversion Chestnut Hill Has Ever Known

Adorable little Cafette is closing and being transformed: Owner Jan Wilson is career-changing to acupuncturist, so Cafette will become her temporary clinic in the restaurant’s […]


In the 1980s, Jodie Foster Touched the Bottom of This Home’s Pool

If ever there were a dubious selling point for a property, it’s this: One scene in the movie Stealing Home was filmed there. Not that […]

george howe high hollow

Unique Opportunity: High Hollow, Home of PSFS Building Architect George Howe, Is for Rent

This mansion in Chestnut Hill has to be the most unique rental opportunity on the market today. It was built by and for legendary architect […]


Chestnut Hill Development Opportunity on Germantown Avenue

SSH Real Estate has announced its listing of 8034-8040 Germantown Avenue, a few doors down from Chestnut Hill Pharmacy. It currently houses Prime Pacific  Oriental Rug […]

chestnut hill home

Chestnut Hill Home from Jodie Foster Movie for Sale

SPOTLIGHT LISTING: Chestnut Hill home for sale Some homes ought to be in pictures—including this Lynnewood, a property featured in Jodie Foster’s movie Stealing Home. […]


Shop, Stroll and Brunch on Second Sunday in Chestnut Hill

This Sunday, July 14th, Chestnut Hill invites you to take a leisurely stroll through its charming neighborhood filled with boutique shops, art galleries, museums, theater […]

joe clark chestnut hill house

Former Chestnut Hill Home of Joseph Clark (of Dilworth and Clark) Listed for Sale

Dilworth and Clark: In Philadelphia, that pairing is as well-known as Batman and Robin, Hall and Oates, Bogart and Bacall. Richardson Dilworth and Joseph Clark […]


Five Starter Homes in Terrific–and Tony–Neighborhoods

A recent report suggests that the number of first-time buyers is dwindling due to the number of people with student loan debt. But there are […]


Splendiferous Interiors: Chestnut Hill Home Goes From “Grey Gardens” Shell to Bright Showpiece

This house is now a home–but it certainly didn’t start out that way. When a young real estate developer saw the hulking shell that Philly […]

house of georges perrier

Georges Perrier Finally Sells His Chestnut Hill Home

It seems like we’ve been talking about Georges Perrier trying to sell his house for the longest time. This week, the legendary Le Bec-Fin chef […]

Chestnut Hill Home for Sale

McGoodwin-Designed Chestnut Hill Home for Sale

Chestnut Hill Home for Sale Robert McGoodwin was a Philadelphia-area architect who is best known for the homes he designed in Chestnut Hill. A fine […]