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Can Kenney Help Make White-Dominated Building Trades More Diverse?

In an interview on 900AM-WURD Tuesday, Mayor Jim Kenney said he plans to ensure that at least 45 percent of workers on city-funded construction projects are African-American. Kenney made the pledge in […]


Johnny Doc Is Starting a Think Tank

Well, here’s a development I wasn’t expecting: Union boss John Dougherty has announced that he’s starting a think tank to explore the topic of electing […]


Huge News: Union Leaders Arrested

It’s probably just a temporary hiccup, knowing Philadephia, but for the moment 10 members of Ironworkers Local Union 401 are in hot water. This morning, […]


Unions Release TV Spot With Johnny Doc Cartoon Ghost to “Haunt” Post Brothers

The union siege against the Post Brothers continues, and it just gets more surreal. For Halloween, IBEW Local 98 is releasing a commercial “featuring a ‘ghostly’ […]


Gallery: IBEW’s Post Brothers Film Screening With Hazmat Suits. Plus, Heroin and Cocaine.

This week IBEW released a documentary about the Post Brothers made by 9.14 Pictures. The press conference to debut the film had some entertaining costumes […]

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First Look: Building Trades’ Video Doc About the Post Bros. [UPDATED]

Two press releases came across the transom just now. Headline No. 1: “Philadelphia Building Trades To Premiere Video Documentary Exposing Major Health and Safety Violations […]