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Old City Residents Pick Their Priorities for 2026

What neighborhood improvements should the Old City District invest its energies in first? The OCD invited neighborhood residents to answer this question as it pertained to […]

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11 Things You Might Not Know About the Founding Fathers’ Dogs

Today is National Puppy Day, which is proof, we guess, that every dog has its day, seeing as every dog in the world was once […]

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Listen Up, Runners: The Bridge Run Training Program and Happy Hour Is Back!

If you’re training for Broad Street, here’s a fun (and scenic!) weekly activity to add to your training routine: The Bridge Running and Happy Hour […]

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11 Philly Botanists (And One Bad Plant) You Might Not Know

Did you know that half the delegates to the 1787 Constitutional Convention here in Philly were farmers? Washington had Mount Vernon, and Jefferson had Monticello; […]


Celebrate Ben Franklin’s Birthday With Beer

This Sunday, January 17th marks the 310th birthday of founding father Benjamin Franklin, and what better way to celebrate than by having a few beers […]

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12 Things You Might Not Know Were Invented in Philly

You know Philly is a city of firsts, right? First capital of the United States, first department store, first taxi service, first national convention (in […]

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So Awesome: Sunrise Run Over the Ben Franklin Bridge This Weekend

Prepare yourself for a killer Instagram opportunity: This weekend, a group of local runners and athletes are gathering for the second annual (I had no idea […]

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Runners and Cyclists Owned the Car-Free Ben Franklin Bridge This Weekend

In case you missed it, this past weekend, Ben Franklin Bridge turned into a scene from The Walking Dead (minus the zombies, thank goodness). There […]


Will the Ben Franklin Bridge Close or Not During the Pope’s Visit?

The gist: Will the authorities shut down the Ben Franklin Bridge for Pope Francis’ visit to Philadelphia in September? Last month, a consultant for the World Meeting […]

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Ben Franklin Bridge Lane Closures Expected Into August

The commute across the Ben Franklin will be more difficult this summer. This morning, only three lanes were open going into Philadelphia from Camden, and […]

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Drexel Students Recreate a Giant, Terrifying, Revolutionary War-Era Spear

Back during the Revolutionary War, there was a 100-foot spear weighing hundreds of pounds that was stuck to the bottom of the Delaware River, pointing up. Its purpose, according to […]

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Big Idea: Rename PHL for Ben Franklin

“No other town, burying its great man, ever buried more of itself than Philadelphia with Franklin.” —Carl Van Doren, 1938 The United States has buried […]


Anticipated Pedestrian and Bike Ramp for Ben Franklin Bridge Gets More Funding

Across the river, Camden County is closer to getting more user friendly access to the Ben Franklin Bridge. According to Jim Saksa at PlanPhilly, the […]

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The Bridge Run Training Program and Happy Hour Is Back!

I’m sure you already know this because you’ve gone ahead and planned your entire month around our March Fitness Calendar. But in case you were remiss […]

Traffic on the Ben Franklin Bridge
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Accident Snarls Ben Franklin Bridge, Center City Traffic

Better watch out on your way home: #TRAFFIC #ALERT: Tractor-Trailer Overturns Near Ben Franklin Bridge: — KYW Newsradio (@KYWNewsradio) July 23, 2014