Listen Up, Runners: The Bridge Run Training Program and Happy Hour Is Back!

A weekly group run across the Ben Franklin Bridge, ending with free beer for all.

Ben Franklin Bridge | fernandogarciaesteban/

Ben Franklin Bridge | fernandogarciaesteban/

If you’re training for Broad Street, here’s a fun (and scenic!) weekly activity to add to your training routine: The Bridge Running and Happy Hour Training Program, which takes participants on a weekly 3.75-mile run across the Ben Franklin Bridge then follows that up with a free Slyfox beer for all, is back for its third year.

The program, helmed by the folks behind the ODDyssey Half Marathon, runs every Tuesday evening from March 22nd through April 26th, making it great for folks running Broad Street on May 1st and for those running races later in the summer. And what’s REALLY awesome about the training program is that every week, a different Philly running club and local charity are featured. So you get your training in and you get to know different groups in this awesome city we live in. Featured charities include the Monster Milers, Back on My Feet, Students Run Philly Style, and more.

The first run, led by the November Project, will kick off at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, March 22nd. Every week, runners will meet at Franklin Square at 6th and Race streets and the runs will always end at Dave & Buster’s on Delaware Avenue with the free Slyfox beer mentioned above. Along with some sweet coupons and door prizes, joining the group gets you a neat whiskey glass with an image of the Ben Franklin Bridge on it. It’ll cost you $30 to join, all of which goes to charity. Just note: If you want in, you’d better hop to it and register. The training group is limited to 125 runners.

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