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A New Generation of Wine Enthusiasts Has Arrived in Philly. Here’s What They’re Drinking

It’s safe to say we love our drinks in Philly, but that doesn’t mean the scene doesn’t evolve. As more and more members of our Gen Z and millennial community are taking charge of the drinking scene, they’re enjoying their wine in a fresh, new fashion. New drinkers are approaching wine at new price points, consuming it out of more than just a glass, enjoying wine at new occasions, and holding inclusivity at the center of the experience.

As they’re changing the game in the wine world, Philadelphians are flocking to new taste profiles and innovative brands, including Barefoot, a premier U.S. wine brand paralleling the new generation’s initiative to alter wine’s cultural reputation. Brands like Barefoot promote an inclusive and welcoming attitude, which has helped them lock down a title as America’s favorite wine.

So, to find out the best of the new trends hitting the scene, we spoke to Barefoot about the freshest drinking habits of Philly, and located the stand-out trends through which new generations are carving out new, innovative ways to enjoy the beverage. No matter your age, these refreshes on classic wine conventions can invite just about anyone to try something new, or maybe even to raise your first glass.

Approachable Favorites

Having a glass of wine doesn’t require making a choice from a lengthy menu you can’t pronounce or pretending to like a dry red because you were gifted the bottle, and that’s thanks to brands like Barefoot, dedicated to making wine broadly accessible. With Barefoot leading the charge, millennials and Gen Z in Philly are making trying new wines into a fun and exciting experience, rather than something expensive and intimidating.

Barefoot has introduced new ideas of approachability to the wine market, and in turn, introduced new demographics to wine. With an approachable price point (bottles priced at just a single digit) on a wide selection of drinks, Barefoot gives new wine drinkers a low-pressure chance to sample around and develop their wine palates.

A new generation’s enjoyment of affordable and diverse wines is a trend that can be modeled by all age groups in and out of Philly—gone are the days where wine was an exclusivity of connoisseurs or five-star meals.

A Revamped Selection

In Philly today, a drinker’s first brush with wine doesn’t require a lesson on how to use a corkscrew. Barefoot has developed creative workarounds to the traditional methods of consuming wine, ditching not just the corkscrew, but the bottle itself. Their thinking: In any era, consumers look for the best flavor they can get out of an easy, portable, affordable drink. In Barefoot, today’s new wine drinkers have found just that. They’re identifying their wine preferences while sipping out of cans and Tetra Paks at parties, picnics and more.

Served in flavors ranging from Pinot Grigio to Moscato to Red Sangria (a summer must-have), canned wine-based spritzers are one of Barefoot’s most beloved innovations in wine. Running for just about $3 a pop, these affordable single-serve cans (also available in packs) gravitate naturally into the hands of new consumers, but are perfect for anyone looking for an entryway into wine drinking. Adding a fun, bubbly finish to classic tastes, these cans accompany Philadelphians while spending time outside with friends, socializing at gatherings, or at trendy bars and clubs.

Contrary to popular belief, wine can get even more portable than a can—Consumers are also enjoying Wine-To-Go, Barefoot’s line of wine Tetra Paks. In these $6 juice-box-esque containers, drinkers enjoy fresh takes on timeless wines like Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay. Not only does this To-Go line fuel a new generation’s interest in wine, allowing them to sample tastes before committing to a larger bottle; it’s also the perfect fix for a market of drinkers looking for affordable, tasty options.

If there’s one thing millennial and Gen Z audiences love more than a portable, sweet drink (emphasis on if), it’s internet recommendations; a wide world of unique cocktail recipes and themed drinks. With blog posts centered around wine-based cocktail recipes, Barefoot is tapping into this market, too, suggesting concoctions like a Spicy Tropical Storm cocktail made with Mango Fruitscato and a Pride-inspired Cranberry Fizz cocktail made with Sweet Rosé.

These recipes suggest an alternative to traditional cocktails based on more expensive, often-harder-to-drink spirits. For any internet recipe deep-divers or anyone hosting an upcoming event, these recipes are worth checking out, and the wine ingredients are well worth the approachable price tag.

Wine Is for Everyone

Wanting versatile options that welcome any array of palates into the wine world, inclusivity is a demonstrably important aspect of wine consumption to Philly’s newest drinkers. But it goes deeper than the surface. Our city’s millennial and Gen Z drinkers look to support wine brands that model inclusivity beyond just the beverages themselves.

The best friend of Philly’s new generation of drinkers, Barefoot embodies a spirit of inclusion through their partnerships to support underrepresented communities. Barefoot sponsors impactful organizations like Free Mom Hugs, a nonprofit dedicated to LGBTQIA+ visibility, education, and community, and the New Voices Foundation, to provide business grants to Black women entrepreneurs.

Within Barefoot’s agenda to bring accessible wine experiences to all, they’re also focused on community and using their selection as a means of connection. And in Philly, what connects our community more than our sports teams? To really integrate wine into the fabric of our city, beyond its youthful appeal, Barefoot has teamed up with one of Philly’s most beloved organizations: the Eagles. This partnership brings wine options into stadiums across the country, including our favorite at the Linc.

There’s certainly something worth celebrating about trading in your classic cup of stadium beer for a summery red or bubbly white. With Barefoot, that trade has been welcomed into your at-home watch parties, too; Try pairing timeless game day hot dogs with Cabernet or sipping a Moscato over spicy fried chicken.

Today, wine has a place in the living room (while watching the Eagles) or at the dinner table (while talking about the Eagles) just as much as it does in the stadium (while cheering the Eagles). And ultimately, what the NFL’s embracing of Barefoot solidifies is that the spaces where wine belongs, and in what forms it belongs, are really limitless.