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6 Reasons Washington, DC Makes the Perfect Romantic Getaway

We have to be honest: whoever came up with the date for Valentine’s Day didn’t do a great job. February 14th? Really? Situated in the tail end of winter, the date ensures that many couples have the urge to flee Philly, but not the vacation days. Luckily, our southern metropolitan neighbor Washington, DC is teeming with exciting restaurants and attractions for a quick weekend getaway. Even better: it’s less than three hours away. So email this page to your friends or SO; they’ve got some planning to do. (On a budget? Enter to win a complimentary trip to DC right here!) 

  1. It’s historic. Thanks to its status as the nation’s capital, DC is rife with historically significant museums, artifacts and buildings. With so many neighborhoods to explore, your weekend itinerary is sure to be packed
  1. Their restaurant scene is fabulous. We’ll never knock Philadelphia’s dining scene, but sometimes—especially date nights—it’s exciting to try new spots or interesting fare. Make a reservation at one of these cozy restaurants for a romantic night à deux.
  1. It’s super LGBT-friendly. Folks from all walks of life are welcome in Washington, DC. For roundup of all the best shows, hotels and attractions for LGBT visitors, click here.
  1. If you’re not in a relationship, you can go with your gal pals. If you’re going stag this V-Day, don’t fret: you can still have a fun-filled weekend. Simply gather your gal pals and dance, shop and dine your way through the city. For ideas, peruse these itineraries, which range from the Gaga-centric (seriously) to the diamond-dedicated.
  1. Or your guy friends. Celebrate your bromance on February 14th. Click here for 11 dude-friendly itineraries. We’re fans of the cinema-inspired “A Few Good Men” and “American Hustle.”
  1. For that matter, you can even go alone (and still have an amazing time). Spend the holiday with lots of quality “me” time. Here are the best ways to fly solo and treat yourself.

For more information about date nights and weekend getaways in Washington, DC, click here.