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10 Dreamy Instagrams to Get You Psyched for Cherry Blossom Season

Cherry blossoms make every photo better. | Photo credit: iStock/RobertDodge

Cherry blossoms make every photo better. | Photo credit: iStock/RobertDodge

As photogenic as Washington, DC’s monuments are, let’s face it: there’s no topping cherry blossom season. So, in order to kick off peak bloom period (it’s predicted to be between March 23-24 this year!), we’ve rounded up 10 shots of our favorite bubblegum-hued blooms. And just in case this inspires wanderlust, we’ve interspersed the posts with our top tips for a cherry blossom weekend getaway. 

Want to know where to nab high-quality shots like this? Consult Washington.org’s handy guide to find out the best spots for photographing the cherry blossoms.

Take full advantage of this exciting period and scope out some of the events held during the three-week-long National Cherry Blossom Festival. Here, a comprehensive guide with the scoop on everything from events to booking a hotel.

Immerse yourself in the full cherry blossom experience by brown-bagging it (or ordering a ‘cherry pick’ to go!) and enjoying the blooms during a picnic. This roundup calls out the best spots for prime cherry blossom views.

Don’t fret if one of your first questions is “how exactly do I find the cherry blossoms?” This article breaks down all of the ways to get to the cherry blossoms — be it by Metro, bus, bike or taxi.

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Maximize your stay and check out our tried-and-true tips for navigating a cherry-blossom-centric weekend in Washington, DC.

For information about visiting Washington, DC during cherry blossom season, click here.