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The Total-Body Snow Day Workout You (and Your Family) Need to Survive Cabin Fever

Photo credit: Getty Images/Shinyfamily

Photo credit: Getty Images/Shinyfamily

When the temperature drops and threats of snow loom on the horizon, it’s hard to work up the motivation you need to hit the gym. Luckily, all the equipment you need is right outside your door…

Next time the winter forecast puts the kibosh on heading to the gym make good use of the snow with this total-body routine you and your kids can do to burn off the cabin fever. Plus, studies show that short bouts of exercise like this high intensity interval workout are more enjoyable (and effective) than longer moderate-intensity routines (i.e. spending an hour on the treadmill).

Abbie Chowansky, founder of Born to Burpee, shares a snow-inspired workout parents and kids can break a sweat to together.


Set an interval timer or use an app (like Interval Timer Pro) to include 8 rounds of 20-seconds on, 10-seconds rest. Complete each exercise once and repeat the circuit as many times as you have time for!


ROUND ONE: Mountain Burpees

The set up: Start by creating a 9”-12” wall of snow you and your kiddos can easily jump over. Keep some powdery snow on either side for extra traction.

How you do it: Jump over the snow bank laterally and complete a burpee. Jump back over your snow wall and repeat on the opposite side until your timer sounds. Take a 10-second break then repeat. Complete 8 rounds.

Modified Mountain Burpees:

Snow too slick or first time trying a HIIT workout? Try this variation: Step over the snow wall slowly making sure to lift your knees high. Once on the side, slowly lower into a plank and hold for 20 seconds. Then, walk your hands back to meet your feet and repeat on the opposite side.

ROUND TWO: Snowman Squats

The set up: Roll the snow into three snowballs — one small, one medium and one larger-size ball — just as you would if you were building a snowman.

How you do it: Stand in front of the ball of your choice and slowly lower into a squat, lightly tapping your bottom on the snowball.  Push through your heels as you explode back to the starting position with your hands raised as you would a jump squat. Complete as many as you can in 20 seconds. Use the different size snowballs to challenge yourself and see how low you can go.

For an extra burn hold a low squat steady during your 10-second break. Complete 8 rounds.

ROUND THREE: Shovel Pushes//Sled Pulls

The set up: Snowy driveway? Perfect opportunity.

How you do it: Start at one end of your driveway with a shovel in hand. Fill a shovel with snow as you push down your driveway for 20 seconds. Pause for 10 seconds to give your arms a break, then repeat 8 times (or until the driveway is clear).

No driveway to shovel? Complete the same exercise but by pulling a toddler in a sled. Pull for 20 seconds, take a 10-second break and repeat for 8 rounds.

ROUND FOUR: Avalanche Planks

The set up: Create a small pile of snow that forms a mountain-like shape you can rest your feet on safely.

How you do it: Place your boots on the top of the pile with your toes down and lower your hands (with gloves on) in the snow to a plank position. Hold for 20 seconds, pause for a 10-second break, then repeat for 8 total rounds.

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